Caridad Eye Clinic – Providing the Gift of Sight

Caridad Eye Clinic – Providing the Gift of Sight

August is National Children Eye Health and Safety Month, and the Caridad Vision Clinic is working diligently to provide the gift of sight for the children and families of Palm Beach County. Over 1,600 patient visits were realized at the Caridad Vision Clinic last year, and those numbers are expected to increase in 2017-2018.

Dr. David Snyder is an Ophthalmologist who volunteers at the Caridad Vision Clinic. Caridad is able to offer our extensive healthcare programs and services due to the wonderful and caring doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals that give so graciously of their time and effort to help those in need. Below is a summary of few of Caridad Center Miracles from our Vision Clinic shared by Dr. Synder:

  • A nine-year old girl was referred to Caridad Center by a teacher. The child was doing poorly in school and had problems seeing the daily lessons presented by the teacher. After examination, the child was found to be very nearsighted and was prescribed glasses. The child now has 20/20 vision in each eye and is able to see the blackboard and play sports again. The child school grades have improved dramatically since she received glasses from Caridad. The child stated, “I never knew that trees had leaves”.
  • A Grandmother came to Caridad with advanced cataracts in both eyes causing legal blindness. Caridad arranged cataract surgery, and the patient now has near perfect vision. The Grandmother is now able to see the faces of her grandchildren clearly for the first time in many years, and can also go back to reading her Bible.
  • A mother of three children with only one eye came to Caridad Center and was diagnosed with advanced diabetic retinopathy and she was legally blind in her one eye with 20/400 vision. She underwent treatment with three injections of Avastin and her vision improved to 20/30 during the course of four months. The mother is now able to drive and care for her children properly.

Please make an impact in the lives of so many in need in Palm Beach County or call Scott Giebler at (561) 853-1638 to learn how you can get involved and help support Caridad.

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