Last Year Edna’s World Almost Came to an End

Last Year Edna’s World Almost Came to an End

At the age of 44 with two daughters, Edna was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She needed an immediate hysterectomy.

With her life on the line, she risked leaving her children without a mother. Caridad’s staff summoned all their resources. The staff quickly found a partner—South Florida Radiation Oncology—who performed radiation on her tumor to shrink its size.  However, doctors concluded that only surgery could prevent the spread of the cancer and save her life.

It seemed that all doors were closing quickly.  Then a Caridad Miracle happened. Our great supporters provided Edna with the funds necessary to pay her hospital and surgical expenses.  The surgery was successful and Edna was given a clean bill of health. Delighted with the great news, Edna and her daughters recently visited Caridad with homemade goodies to thank the staff.

Edna’s promising prognosis will allow her eldest daughter to resume college this fall. Caridad Center is able to save lives through your support.  Edna wishes to thank each of you for giving her a second chance at life.

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