Caridad Center is the largest free healthcare clinic in Florida and one the largest in the entire nation.

Caridad offers comprehensive medical, vision, & dental care for the uninsured and underserved children & families of Palm Beach County. More than 400 doctors, dentists, nurses, dental hygienists, as well as many others in the area of outreach & education give their time so generously to help our cause.

The Caridad Center is working tirelessly daily to ensure that the poor, uninsured, and underserved individuals and families of Palm Beach County receive our life-changing healthcare, education, and outreach programs. Caridad gives families a fighting chance to stay healthy and to get the proper medical, vision, & dental treatment. For thousands of people in Palm Beach County who come from all walks of life, Caridad is the only hope they will have for living a healthy life.

Caridad Center Services Flowchart

28,000 patient visits last year, an increase of over 3,000 patient visits from the previous year.

Over 14,000 individuals benefited from our Prevention and Education and Treatment Programs last year.


Over 2,000 families received assistance from our Social Services Programs last year.