Caridad Dental Clinic – Providing Beautiful Smiles To Those In Need

Caridad Dental Clinic – Providing Beautiful Smiles To Those In Need

The Caridad Dental Clinic is working diligently to provide the children and families of Palm Beach County with beautiful smiles. Approximately 8,000 patient visits were realized at the Caridad Dental Clinic last year.

Additionally, 1,430 adults and 344 children received oral health education. Improved overall oral health was realized by 1,271 adults & 279 children who participated in the Caridad Oral Health Education Program. Caridad Center is able to provide our extensive healthcare programs and services to those in need thanks to our wonderful and caring doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals that give so graciously of their time.

Below is a summary of a few Caridad Center Miracle stories shared by our Dentists:

  • A teenage boy was brought to Caridad Center by his mother. The teen had severe tooth decay which caused his teeth to turn black. He was very embarrassed and self-conscious of his teeth and never smiled. Dr. Abramowitz treated the teen, and his teeth are now a pearly white. His mother was very emotional and crying with joy at the sight of her son’s teeth. With his improved self-confidence, he was smiling ear to ear at his school’s latest Homecoming Dance.
  • An 81-year-old male patient came to Caridad in a lot of pain. He was missing several teeth and required three extractions and several fillings. We performed the necessary treatments and helped save his remaining teeth. Caridad also provided the patient with dentures; this grateful smiling patient is now pain-free and able to eat properly.
  • A mother brought her 16-year-old autistic son who was experiencing severe pain to the Caridad Dental Clinic. Several extractions under anesthesia needed to be performed costing the mother over $7,000. The mother did not have insurance or money to pay for the treatment. Caridad found a dental partner to perform the procedure for only $60. The mother was extremely grateful to Caridad, and the mom and her son are now happy and smiling ear to ear.

Please make an impact in the lives of so many in need in Palm Beach County or call Scott Giebler at (561) 853-1638 to learn how you can get involved and help support Caridad.