Mental Health Counseling Program – The  Magnolias

Mental Health Counseling Program – The Magnolias

Featured in photo above – Hayde Cano (Volunteer), Aydeivis Jean-Pierre (Caridad Staff), Dr. Vincent Abad (Volunteer Psychiatrist at Caridad and in charge of our mental counseling program), Gloria Orozco – (Volunteer Psychologist), Brenda Lopez (Staff), Ana Peterson (Volunteer – Certified in First Aid Mental Health), & Elais Ayling (Volunteer Certified in First Aid Mental Health)

Two years ago Caridad Center started a mental health counseling program to address the needs of its patients.  Volunteer Psychiatrist Dr. Vincent Abad oversees the program that provides bi-weekly individual counseling sessions on Mondays and group counseling. The Magnolias is a support group for women who have experienced violence and loss. “These women have suffered from physical and mental abuse, loss of family, and many have a deep sadness from missing their homeland. The women find comfort and strength in sharing their common experiences with group members and they are grateful for the support provided by our volunteer counselors”, said group coordinator Brenda Lopez. To express their appreciation to Caridad, members of The Magnolias created a painting which we are proud to display at Caridad Center.