Life-Saving & Life-Changing Programs

0 Primary and specialty care patient visits in our medical, dental, behavioral health clinics and dispensary.
0 Services provided by our Social Services Department for families facing financial insecurities.
0 Over 24,000 individuals participated in our various health education, screenings, and chronic disease management programs administered by our Prevention, Education, and Training Department (PET).
$0 Over $5.1 million dollars in healthcare services were provided last year by our 217 Volunteers Doctors and Dentists.

Caridad Center relies on you

There is no greater importance in life than the gift of good health.
0th Florida has the fifth highest rate of UNINSURED PEOPLE in the nation.
0% In Palm Beach County, over 28% of the resident DO NOT have health insurance.
$0 On average it cost over $50 per patient visit in our medical clinic, & over $65 per patient visit in our dental clinic.
$0m Caridad Center’s medical treatment & preventative care is estimated to SAVE Palm Beach County over $27 million annually.

Become a Difference Maker

Contribute your time and touch the lives of numerous Palm Beach County residents in need.


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