Want to make a difference?

Contribute your time, and touch the lives of countless Palm Beach County residents.

Listed below are our current volunteer positions.

Medical Positions

• Cardiologist*

• Dermatologist*

• Dentists

• Family Practitioners

• Gastroenterologist

• General Medicine

• Internal Medicine

• Psychiatrist

• Medical Assistant*

• Nurse Practitioner

• Orthopedic

• Pediatric Neurologist

• Pharmacist*

• Physician Assistant

• Psychiatrist

Administrative Positions

• Eligibility/Interviewers

• Interpreters

• Clerical

• Systems Analyst

• Data Entry

• Development

• Fundraising

• CPA / Finance

Homework Enrichment Program

• Teacher

• Tutor

*Critical Need

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see a particular volunteer position on the list. We will do our best to find a volunteer opportunity that matches your interests and skill set.

Talk to Rosa and Join our Team.

Rosa Lores
Director of Volunteer and Eligibility Services


561-737-6336 ext. 116