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In 2018, Caridad Community Care was started to work with area hospitals and medical centers, as well as insurance companies, to ensure their patients and members in Palm Beach County would achieve superior healthy outcomes in a more cost-efficient manner. For over fifteen years, Caridad has employed as well as trained Community Health Workers (CHWs).  Our highly trained culturally competent CHWs will serve as a trusted link that will provide enhanced health care services and results for their patients and/or members.  A partnership with Caridad Community Care provides the following benefits:

  • Transitions of care & linkage of services from hospital to the home.
  • Critical patient follow-up by combining home visits, virtual meetings, and/or telephone.
  • Reduced need for emergency and specialty care services.
  • Significant reduction in costs to health care partners for patients and/or members thru proven health education and intervention programs, through proven health education.  
  • Improved understanding and adherence to health recommendations, best practices, proactive behavior regarding their conditions, and protocols.
  • Increased testing and screenings.
  • Interventions to help address pertinent social determinants of health.
  • Chronic disease self-management & health education programs.


Caridad Community Care CHWs are certified by the Florida Certification Board.  This provides partners verification that our CHWs have achieved the highest standards of education and credentials; and have maintained all competencies and regulations required by the state.  For more information about becoming a partner with the Caridad Community Care initiative, please contact Alondra Rivera-Maisonet at [email protected].

Note: “ED” refers to the terms Emergency Department.

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