Health Education Program

Our Approach to Serving Individuals

During the past year, over 33,400 individuals were served in our prevention, education, training, screening, & disease management services.

The Health Education Program takes a comprehensive approach to the prevention, education, and training of chronic diseases for adults and children. Caridad works to reduce the onset of various chronic diseases such as diabetes, high-cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. We work to promote a healthy lifestyle by giving participants the tools they need to be physically active, adopt healthy eating habits, and maintain a healthy environment for good overall health.
The Caridad Health Education Programs include the following:

  • Health Education Classes and Workshops
  • Community Events & Health Fairs
  • Breast Care Education Programs
  • Chronic Disease Management Programs
  • Screenings for HIV and other diseases/illnesses
  • Social Determinants of Health Assessments
  • Oral Health Program
  • Healthy Family/Lifestyle Modification Program

For more information about our Health Education Programs and Services, please contact our P.E.T. Manager – Elizabeth Amariles at (561) 853-162 or email.

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