Outreach/Social Services Program

During the past year, over 2,000 families received our social services programs.

Caridad’s Outreach Program reflects our holistic approach to helping people in our community by providing food, clothing, personal care items, emergency assistance, and social services to patients and their families. We seek to eliminate the cycle of poverty for the families we serve in South Florida. Below are a few of our highlights from this past year:

  • After-School Mentoring – 37 Caridad kids participated in our school mentoring programs. 89% of our kids showed improvement in reading with over 77% remaining on track for promotion per Sunshine State Standards.
  • Education & Enrichment Support – 1,100 backpacks/school supplies were distributed to poor disadvantaged children in Palm Beach County. 75 children attended summer camp & recreational classes.
  • College Scholarships – 20 students received college scholarships.
  • Food Insecurity – 620 families received food cards; 300 parents were given formula for their babies.
  • Housing/Basic Needs – 44 families received housing assistance.
  • Holiday Programs – 2,700 children were given gifts during the holidays & 381 families received Thanksgiving Dinners.

For more information about our Outreach and Social Services Programs, please contact Johanna Cuellar at (561) 737-6336, ext. 107 or [email protected].

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