Updated COVID 19 Notice – March 19, 2020

Caridad Center is suspending all patient visits in our Medical, Dental, and Eye Clinics, as well as our social services and health education programs until further notice. For Existing Caridad Patients in need of medication refills or emergency dental care, we will accommodate those requests by appointment only by calling the Caridad Hotline at 561-369-0932. We are unable to accommodate walk-ups or any unscheduled visits at this time.

COVID 19 Aviso actualizado – 19 de marzo de 2020

Caridad Center está suspendiendo todas las visitas de pacientes en nuestra clínica médica,oftalmológica y oficina dental así como nuestros servicios sociales y programas de educación para la salud hasta nuevo aviso. Para los pacientes existentes de Caridad que necesitan reabastecimiento de medicamentos o atención dental de emergencia, daremos atención a esas solicitudes con cita previa llamando a la línea directa de Caridad al 561-369-0932. Por el momento no podemos dar atención a visitas sin cita ni visitas no programadas.

Please see links below for valuable information about the COVID 19 Virus:

Educational Materials



P.E.T. Program

During the past year, over 9,300 individuals were served in our prevention, education, screening, & disease management services.

The P.E.T. Program takes a comprehensive approach to the prevention, education, and treatment of chronic diseases for adults and children. Caridad works to reduce the onset of various chronic diseases such as diabetes, high-cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. We work to promote a healthy lifestyle by giving participants the tools they need to be physically active, adopt healthy eating habits, and maintain a healthy environment for good overall health.

The Caridad P.E.T. Programs include the following:

  • Health Education Classes and Workshops
  • Community Events & Health Fairs
  • Breast Care Education Programs
  • Screenings for HIV and other diseases/illnesses
  • Oral Health Program
  • Healthy Family/Lifestyle Modification Program

For more information about our P.E.T. Programs and Services, please contact our P.E.T. Manager – Johanna Cuellar at (561) 853-1631, [email protected] .

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